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Virtual coaching from an expert who intimately understands. 

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“Having Gem in our life was a game changer.”
Ina & Karl

Relationships, Intimacy & Pleasure

Relationships can be some of the most challenging and rewarding processes in the human experience. Growing together can feel anywhere from wildly out of control and triggering to exhilarating, juicy and grounded. As a coach and mediator, Gem believes conflict has the potential to build intimacy in relationship. With clear boundaries and communication, we can learn how to love who we truly are and embrace both our and our partners’ needs, even when they conflict.


In sessions with your partner(s), we can address:


  • What is self care? How and why do we integrate it?

  • What love languages are you fluent in and where can you grow?

  • How to clearly communicate before explosions happen

  • What growth edges is this relationship offering?

  • Poly-vagal theory of nervous system regulation/ activation

  • What pleasure you crave and how to experience it

  • Where your pleasure and your partners’ pleasure interact

  • Embodiment in a trauma-rife world

140€ per hour

Self Care Bundle:
Six sessions for 800€


  • Loving, consensual BDSM practice

  • Ethical non monogamy

  • Trans* embodiment and trans* relationship

Suffering can turn to light when we give it safe containers and let it breathe. Let’s crack these coconuts together with radical honesty and hea(r)t.


We all begin care work because we are called to be of service. But most care workers burn out in their first one to two years. For those beginning their professional journeys and seeking guidance, for those deep within the journey who are hitting walls, for those who are thriving and want to see how big their abundance can get––no matter which point in the journey, Gem has the experience, patience and soulful skills to help you reach your goals.


Gem offers:

  • A judgment-free space to be witnessed

  • Resources, recommendations and referrals

  • Organizational support for your calendar, to-do list and long-term goals

  • Help figuring out what work you are called to do at this time 

  • Deep trust in your innate ability to heal, love and care for yourself and your inner children

  • Conflict mediation for professionals needing an emotional translator with someone in their life

  • Wisdom and care from someone who has been there

  • Cultivating sustainability on physical, emotional & financial levels


140€ per hour

Self Care Bundle:
Six sessions for 800€