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Virtual coaching from an expert who intimately understands. 

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“Having Gem in our life was a game changer.”
Ina & Karl


Hi, I'm Gem! I am a full spectrum doula, singer and performer, coach, masseuse, pole dancer...friend, community member...psychonaut, kink practitioner, queer, autist....everything I’ve learned in this lifetime has been with the goals: to live well and serve others. 

As your coach, I understand how complex it is to follow your gut and follow your dreams. It does NOT mean the path is laid out in rainbows and clouds. It means you're willing to show up to the hard work of becoming intimate with your resistance to abundance, deciding you believe in healing, and asking for help & support. Living well and serving others is spiritual path which often breaks me down to build me back up again. For every new space I've made for life and sweetness, something has died in me which wanted to cling to old ways. It is tenderness and slowness in holding the death that has made even loss and grief a profoundly sweet part of the process. 

What we are taught to fear often contains seeds of our greatest healing.

As your coach, you can trust that I am walking the talk and guiding from experience. I used to physically shake when I told clients my rates because of how hard it was for me to receive money. My first adult relationship was deeply unequal in its power dynamics and I took years to recover from it. And I used to make friendships based on mothering people rather than true equitable connection, which left me perpetually drained. I over-gave at work and still never felt enough, participated in hustle and grind culture without break for years (thinking in order to make enough money or more money, I had to work hard, loose sleep, skip meals, etc.)....I've experienced debilitating depression and didn't truly believe healing existed. I looked around me at other people suffering and truly believed everyone was unwell like I was. My inner child concluded life was a crapshoot trauma fest, and I resonated with the millennial nihilism that tells us it will only get worse.


Today, I receive more money than I ever have and feel deep satisfaction in receiving it. I have more clients excited to work with me than ever, my relationships are beautiful and healthy, I am honored in my deep weirdness and authentic boundaries by my community on a daily basis and literally squeal with delight over how much I adore the people I'm surrounded by. I receive SO MUCH love and care and space and trust and gifting from my loved ones (and clients!) and know I am safe in doing so. I recently went through a big break up and while I was deeply sad and in a lot of pain for some time, I never lost myself or my gratitude in what I'd experienced and what is to come. I am well. I know I am allowed to be well and that it is safe to be well, even when my wellness or shine triggers other people. The amount of change and growth and healing that has happened is staggering, when I take it all in.


And I want to hold space for your unfolding into this–-the most pleasurable, well manifestation of yourself, who is able to serve others to the fullest capacity by bringing your true gifts to this world. 


I was allergic to the word, coaching, for so long because it evoked two things for me: sports and hierarchy. This is NOT a sport. And I am not above or below you. We are two inherently worthy beings meeting in a collaborative effort to heal. I can’t wait to meet you and hold your process. With love. 

Investment: 140€/ session 

Self Care Bundle: 6 sessions for 800€ 


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